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We’re proud to offer NOVA Undercarriages as part of Parker Pacific’s premium product lineup. All NOVA Undercarriages are manufactured and assembled using state-of-the-art technology. They are built in Korea with incredible attention to detail, resulting in better performance, more significant savings, and lower maintenance costs.

Quality Raw Materials: Boron alloy steel is used for its exceptional hardenability, strength, and wear resistance. A material that responds well to heat treatment with relatively low tempering temperatures, the use of boron steel results in lower energy consumption.

Heat Treatment: NOVA products undergo deep induction heat treatment to achieve outstanding durability and offer an extended lifespan in extreme conditions. This ensures that every piece is built for maximum strength, wear resistance, and durability in the harshest terrains and environments.

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Idlers are typically situated at the front and/or back of a machine’s undercarriage. Their primary function is to guide the track, facilitating the forward and backward movement of the machine. The front idler plays a critical role in maintaining alignment and absorbing shocks during operation. Characterized by their wheel-like shape and significant size, idlers collaborate with the tensioner within the undercarriage. This partnership is crucial for maintaining the right tension on the track, preventing derailment. It also helps in keeping the track chain properly aligned, especially when traversing uneven and demanding landscapes.

Track shoes form the operational base of the machine—gaining the necessary traction with the ground required for movement. Choosing the right track shoe is vital for optimal machine performance and extending the life of the undercarriage. Using a shoe that’s too wide can lead to premature undercarriage wear. This is because wider shoes tend to flex more when the machine encounters rocks and other obstacles, potentially shortening the undercarriage’s lifespan.

Sprockets are crucial in various types of crawler machinery—such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and drilling equipment. Maintaining the undercarriage effectively can greatly reduce the likelihood of significant malfunctions during critical tasks. These components, including sprockets and segments, are integral to the operation of track-style equipment, aiding in its movement. Visible wear on your sprockets and segments indicates that replacements may be necessary.

The track chain includes link assemblies that connect to form a complete chain.

Bottom rollers carry the machine’s weight and can be either single flange, double flange, or both. The carrier rollers support the track chain between the drive sprocket and the idler. The rollers also help maintain chain alignment between the idler and drive sprocket.

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